Novotný – decorated gingerbread from Pardubice

The company Novotný - Decorated gingerbread from Pardubice has continued the historical tradition of the gingerbread production. In the Czech Republic the city of Pardubice has been famous for the gingerbread production. Awarding the “protected geographical indication” valid across the whole EU to our products on 27 February 2008 proves this fact.

Why products from our company?

Why products from our company

Our products stress professional quality; only the best quality ingredients are used. Due to real honey it tastes not only delicious, but thanks to its conserving properties NO conserving additives need be used!

Lebkuchen Portfolio

The company Novotný specializes in the production for wholesale as well as retail. We offer more than 400 kinds of gingerbread. According to the seasons of the year there are gingerbreads for the following major occasions: Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, St. Nicholas Day and Christmas, PF and New Year’s Eve.

We also offer bespoke gingerbreads for companies and customers. We produce advertisement products with company logos. We can produce various kinds of gingerbreads for special occasions – e.g. seminars, fairs, weddings…

Gingerbread hearts

Christmas Gingerbreads

Easter Gingerbreads and Gingerbreads Animals

Gift and advertisement gingerbreads from the company Novotný

There are not so many categories that are so unique like hand-made Pardubice’s gingerbread. This website may persuade you that our company is able to produce various shapes of gingerbreads while using the best ingredients.

Due to an enormous creative potential of Pardubice’s gingerbread it is possible to satisfy you with the shape, the decoration and frosting colourWe can place company logos, slogans and various texts on our gingerbreads according to the wishes of our client.

Geschenk - und Werbelebkuchen der Firma Novotný

Geschenk - und Werbelebkuchen der Firma Novotný



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